Conversations with God, the Game

Let’s use our free will by transforming our emotions and become masters of the game of our life

This game-book is based on Neale Donald Walsch’s best-selling book, Conversations with God.

It allows us to become aware of our behaviors and to modify them, at a time when we are more and more confronted with changes and upheavals, whether they are natural or consequences of human action.

Neale Donald Walsch – Marc Kucharz

Collection Game-book of well-being
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Conversations avec dieu, le Jeu

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This game-book based on Neale Donald Walsch’s best-selling Conversations with God provides an opportunity to become aware of and change our behaviors in an age when we are increasingly confronted with change and upheaval, both natural and man-made.

These profound changes amplify the emotions of fear that keep us in a diminished energy.

But if fear is something we have, it is not what we are.

Through the development of our consciousness, we can activate our free will and transform our emotions of fear into emotions of love.


By choosing to think, speak and act differently, we put new energy at our service, both regenerated and amplified.

By combining the theory of the book with the practice of the game, this game-book offers the player a playful “apprenticeship” that allows him or her to adapt more easily to new global issues and to learn to BE the master of the game of his or her life.

Life is a game, good game.

It’s up to us!

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