Horakles, the Hero’s Game

Discover the path to success of your wishes through storytelling

Horakles, the hero’s game, inspired by the wisdom of fairy tales, invites you to clearly SEE your projects in their entirety and allows you to mobilize the resources necessary for their success.

Underpinned by the need for any hero to achieve his quest, it proposes to overcome the fears that hold you back and find the motivation to achieve your projects, combining intuition and action.

Jean-Pascal Debailleul – Marc Kucharz

Collection Game-book of well-being
Guy Trédaniel Éditeur

Horaklès, le Jeu du Héros

Fun facts

To complete the twelve levels of the hero’s journey, you have

  • 32 “Connection” cards that, through association, inform you of your role in the scenario of your success journey
  • 8 “Good Star” cards that deliver the treasures of your intuition
  • 12 “Power” cards that confirm the qualities you have to take action.

It’s up to you to make your challenge possible, so that your growth will come.

Bless you…

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