The Game of Inner Forces

to succeed in our life mission

In this period of change, this game-book allows us to “find” our inner strengths (I.F.) for a better adaptability to the new rules of the game.

Beyond the fear and limitations that we impose on ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, there are unsuspected resources that allow us to leave a state of existence to blossom and finally be who we are.

With the help of inspiring friends and the characters of the initiation novel included in this boxed set, The Game of Inner Strengths invites you to get caught up in the game of integrating the various facets of being. These are fabulous keys to succeed in our life mission by uniting with our inner strengths.



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Fun facts

May they allow us to make sense of everything we do.

It’s up to you…

This set contains :

  • 1 book of 104 pages
  • 18 game teaching cards
  • 8 “Gift” teaching cards
  • 1 hazard map
  • 2 “life mission path” teaching cards
  • 1 rule booklet for the game

The playlist