The Haka Game

The strength of the body and mind “is in” you

With the Haka Game, transform your negative energy into positive energy in two steps (body and mind), three movements (having, doing, being), and (re)find the priceless treasure we all possess: MANA (power).

Haka is a generic name for all māori dances.

Etymologically, the word haka means “to make”.

Hinenao Kimitete – Tehotu Tauraatua – Marc Kucharz

Guy Trédaniel Éditeur
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Le jeu du Haka

Fun facts

This type of dance was practiced throughout Polynesian Oceania.

It was not uncommon to find crude words and insults directed at the enemy in the haka lyrics.

Today, the haka is defined as the part of the dance repertoire where the men are at the front and the women at the back for vocal support.

Most of the haka presented today are taparahi or unarmed haka.

More than any other aspect of Māori culture, this complex dance is an expression of the passion, vigor, and identity of the people.


The haka, more than a pastime, was an important custom, especially when welcoming people at social gatherings.

The reputation of the tribes was based in part on their ability to perform the haka.

With this game-book, alone or with others, you will express your negative emotions through words and/or gestures to better tame them, following 3 essential steps:

  1. Having a limiting emotion
  2. “Yaka” DO…

The gestures of the haka combined with the spoken word will allow you to find the priceless treasure that we all possess: Mana (power).

Marc Kucharz introduces you to this game through training.

It’s up to you!

The playlist

I’m handicapped and thanks to this game I revealed that I feel abandoned by children who don’t want to play with me. It helped me to express myself and I found it great. Thanks to the haka game

Heiarii N. 13

As a police officer I am confronted with stress every day. The game, besides being simple, instantly helps me put my anger aside. I feel better.

Sabine L police officer

I intervened at the Bataclan during this sad episode. I’ve known teho for 5 years and I knew he was working on a game that could help people feel better. Bluffing. I was unable to close my eyes because of the emotional shock of this intervention and I was able to return to calm.

Guillaume C. – Policeman

I played the haka game after teho told me about it. I must admit that the timing was bad because I had just had a fight with my superior. After playing and especially dancing I immediately felt better. This game has a calming effect. I went from being angry to calm because of him. Thank you Teho.

Harold V. 51- police officer