The Mutual Aid Game

Keys to a creative and constructive dialogue

The Mutual Aid Game opens the door to innovative and immediate solutions, answering your priority questions.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the insights it offers through 52 cards, rich in original and illuminating strategies.

Laurence Simenot – Marc Kucharz

Collection Game-book of well-being
Guy Trédaniel Éditeur

Fun facts

This initiatory method consists of:

  • 31 cards of “situations” which direct your conscious to pose the problems clearly (in the emotional, sentimental, friendly, professional sectors; without forgetting health, studies, intimate life), and bring you perspectives of comprehension on your feelings.
  • 21 “proposal” cards that outline numerous possible answers, each enriched with the most effective positive statements. This new look at your problems will stimulate, from the first prints, the immense universe of possibilities…

A playful device, often amazing in the quality and depth of its answers, with a 116-page book that allows you to set up 147 creative visualizations.

A carefully selected set for optimal efficiency.

A game that can be played alone, in pairs or in teams and meets a real need. Its only rule? To find so that joy is reborn.

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