an effective method of training and supporting change through play

This method is based on the use and animation of games created from wellness books by Marc Kucharz and which are powerful tools for personal and collective transformation.

They help to put abstract concepts into practice in order to go from idea to reality and to better adapt to the new rules of society.

We offer training based on a fun and innovative pedagogy.

Marc Kucharz

"It's about becoming your own coach through play and helping others to become theirs."
Marc Kucharz

Ludocoaching - frise2

Online Training
Game creator

Marc Kucharz has been creating games for 30 years.
He has chosen to create a collection Jeu-Livre Bien-être at Guy Trédaniel Editeur.
These games are inspired by best-selling books in personal development and make it easy to understand abstract concepts. He is a creator and ludocoach and now shares with you the backstage of his games through his trainings.

Ludocoaching - ludocoaching MK

Online Training
of Ludocoach AMK

This training allows you to become a ludocoach of personal development games inspired by world best-selling books created by Marc Kucharz.
By joining this training, you will be in contact with a caring community. The game is on the rise, why don't you take advantage of not take advantage of this opportunity now?

Ludocoaching - Academy Marc Kucharz

The interventions
in companies

Marc Kucharz leads Ludocoaching sessions in companies to give a new impulse thanks to the proven efficiency of the game in the company. The games he has created are powerful tools for personal development that respond to the challenges and changes that societies face.