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Ludocoach Haka Game (Free)

Transform your negative energy into positive energy in two steps (Body and Mind) three movements (HAVE, DO, BE), and (re)find the priceless treasure we all possess: MANA (power).

A Ludocoach video will help you to (re)find it!

It’s up to you!

Demonstration of the Haka game

I intervened at the Bataclan during this sad episode. I’ve known teho for 5 years and I knew he was working on a game that could help people feel better. Bluffing. I was unable to close my eyes because of the emotional shock of this intervention and I was able to return to calm.

Guillaume C. – Policeman

As a police officer I am confronted with stress every day. The game, besides being simple, instantly helps me put my anger aside. I feel better.

Sabine L police officer

I’m handicapped and thanks to this game I revealed that I feel abandoned by children who don’t want to play with me. It helped me to express myself and I found it great. Thanks to the haka game

Heiarii N. 13

I played the haka game after teho told me about it. I must admit that the timing was bad because I had just had a fight with my superior. After playing and especially dancing I immediately felt better. This game has a calming effect. I went from being angry to calm because of him. Thank you Teho.

Harold V. 51- police officer